Home Loans Bad credit

For home loans bad credit, The finance group accept any amount of defaults or degree of credit impairment case by case basis. We also offer home loans bad credit through traditional banks. If client does not have a perfect credit history they usually get limited access to mortgage lending. No matter if client is looking for low doc , full doc or only accountant declared mortgage loans we can assist them to find the suitable option from our 34 panel lenders. The Finance group have achieved 99% approval rate for any type of mortgages from our past 7 years history.

For home loan bad credit applications client need to justify their present financial situation in acceptable manner required by specific lender according to their lending policy. As a result getting the loan approved for home loans bad credit can become critical and uncertain. We can minimize all associate risks and uncertainty through our free assessment process and safeguard the approval of the loan selecting the right lender at the first time.

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For home loans bad credit clients choose to select us because:

  • We do home loans bad credit assessment for free. We offer first contact resolution.
  • We offer up to 90% LVR low doc home loans up to 95% full doc home loans.
  • 95% refinance available for eligible full doc applications.
  • No BAS, No LMI, No trading statements low doc home loans.
  • Unlimited cash out, business purpose cash out, business debts consolidation available.
  • For home loans bad credit we offer unlimited defaults and mortgage arrears for full doc loans.
  • We have access to 34 different banks and more than 10 private lenders to have best solutions
  • We safe guard best interest of the client from every instances and secure the approval of the loan
  • We obtain credit file, valuation report and other relevant search during the assessment process to minimize the risk to get application declined.
  • We do complete assessment before we offer written indicative offer within 24 hours from receiving all documents from the client.
  • Client can make educated decision from our comparison offers after assessment
  • Clients get qualified for their loan through our free assessment process without going through any formal application to any lender.
  • We take full responsibility to have your loan approved from best possible lender and also keep your credit history free from any adverse record.
  • We believe our experience is our asset and confidence for the client.
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Home loans Bad Credit options :

Home Loans Bad Credit Bank Loans:

Home loans bad credit bank loans

We accept up to $1000 paid defaults for home loans bad credit bank loan applications. If you have more than 1 defaults or the amount is more than $1000 we suggest please contact us to get a tailored solution for your loan. For bank home loans for any acceptable purpose we offer up to 70% low doc loans without LMI. We have up to 95% refinance options full doc basis with LMI. Purchase, refinance, cash out, debt consolidation paying off business debts, refinancing low doc home loans, full doc or low doc construction home loans available through bank loans. As we have access to all traditional lenders in Australia we can offer solutions for clients with critical financial situation or complex loan requirements. Clients with bad credit history always prefer to have professional advice to have best possible loan options for them other than shopping around and making the credit history even worst to obtain a bank loan any more.

We believe everyone deserves to get a second chance. Some times things go beyond their control for painful separation, poor financial decision, job loss, illness and other unfortunate events of their life. We assist the client understanding their actual fact and help them to resolve their problem sooner.

We help client to select appropriate loan structure according to their need. Depending on historical interest rate analysis we determine the proposed lender and also offer the client a proper combinations of Fixed rate and variable rate loans that they can save money on interest and free up cash.
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Bad Credit Home loans Accountant letter:

Home loans Bad Credit

We offer home loans bad credit only with accountant declared income up to 80% LVR loan. If you need more than 80% loan you need to contact us with your complete financial details for an obligation free assessment that we can offer tailored solutions for you. ABN need to registered for minimum of 12 months to have this type of home loans bad credit. If your business is registered for less than 12 months you will have to provide trading account statements or BAS's to support the accountant declared income. Depending on amount and time of defaults and arrears we have vast range of offers available to suite your need. Debt consolidation, business purpose cash out, unlimited cash out everything considered case by case basis. From our 10 panel private lenders we will offer you the best possible options for home loans bad credit.

Accountant declared income basically can give you quick access to mortgage lending with minimum paperwork. Lot of our client's paid of their part9, bankruptcy, tax debts, business loans using this home loans bad credit options. Some times business need working capital, new equipments or client need home renovation and debt consolidation, but they do not have any proof of income to refinance their property. Bad credit history also become an obstacle for them. We are professionals to handle this kind of situation and make the approval process stress free for the client.

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Bad Credit Home Loans Refinance :

Home loans Bad Credit refinance

Home loans bad credit refinance is possible for full doc and low doc applicants up to different LVR depending on wide range of considerable issues, When you try to refinance your property with bad credit history the approval process is always harder. If you have mortgage arrears the process may become impossible if you can not provide acceptable explanations to the lender. When you consider to have your home loan refinance low doc or full doc basis you need to consider following issues to make an informed decision:

  • Is your existing loan a low doc home loan ? it might restricted your access to some traditional lenders if you like to refinance it to another low doc loan.
  • Have you considered the cost for LMI that might involve if your loan exceed 60%-70% LVR and you are eligible to obtain a bank loan. In this case when you have a clean credit history and you have 6 months perfect payment history for your mortgage you can consider some private lending solutions as well. If you have any credit impairment issues in most cases private lending will be your only option to refinance. We may offer alternatives case by case basis.
  • Do you have enough information to demonstrate your servicing to the lender according to your new loan requirements complying with lending guidelines ?
  • Is private lending costing you less and are you getting the best interest rate available on the market at this moment ?
  • When you choose a lender for a better interest rate, do you verify enough data to confirm if the rate is stable or it is a temporary offer from the lender to increase their sale. If it is a variable rate loan, the historical interest rate analysis will give you idea who is offering better deal for you.
  • do you have reliable valuation estimations of your property and also all associate lending costs to determine if the loan is suitable for you or not.
  • If cash out or debt consolidation is the main goal for refinance you will have to consider more related issues to work out a strategy to fulfill all your purposes complying to lending guidelines.
We are assessing varieties of clients from all over Australia with various profiles. As a result we can make the process easier for the client with quick and reliable manner.
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Home Loans Bad Credit Cash Out :

Home loans Bad Credit cash out

Cash out with home loans bad credit can become very critical if you do not have clear idea about lending policy and proper strategy to have the amount approved. We offer cash out with full doc, low doc and no doc applications. Depending on degree of credit impairment cash out amount is restricted to certain amounts as well as restricted to certain acceptable purposes. Different lender offer different amount of cash out in proposed LVR home loans bad credit. For bank home loans cash out policy determined by LMI insurer when the loan is over 60%-70% of property value. Bank offer unlimited amount of cash out up to certain LVR loan, but documentary evidence is required in most cases. The policy vary bank to bank depending on the strength of the application. We offer unlimited amount of cash out up to 85% loan for any worthwhile purpose. For documentary evidence and policy compliance we always help the client to have the best strategy to have maximum amount of cash out to meet their loan requirements. We accept both clean credit and bad credit applicants to apply for cash out with full doc . low doc or no doc home loans. Most of the self-employed applicants look for cash out for business purpose like working capital, buy new equipments for the business, pay off tax debts. Cash out option can also involve consuming purpose like home renovation, investment, purchase, holiday, wedding with home loans bad credit.
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Home loans Bad Credit Debt Consolidation :

Home loans Bad Credit debt consolidation

Home loans bad credit with debt consolidation demands clear explanations for all possible benefits of the proposed loan. We can helped client to consolidation part 9 debts and unpaid defaults with a full doc or low doc loan. Client need to have strong and acceptable explanations for all defaults and credit impairment issues to have their loan approved. Client need to have both short term and long term goals to justify how they will manage their regular expense, how they will become debt free in future. We always help the client to comply with lending guidelines to make approval process easier for them. Home loans bad credit with debt consolidation allow the client to consolidate both business debts and consumer debts. We offer debt consolidation loans through bank loans and private loans. Depending on credit history and other considerable maters client can get benefits from debt consolidation if they can select the right product for them. We have given intensive solutions for many clients who were struggling to catch up their monthly commitments.

Some time cost for refinance can become a barrier for the client to make a decision how they will save money and recover the cost in future. We always help the client to make their decision with vast range of product offers and analytical data about their present and future financial situation. As a result client become aware of all aspects before they sign up for a new loan.

Sometimes getting your loan approved can become a hurdle if you do not have adequate explanation for your financial benefits and goals. Clear understanding of the lending policy can help you to get your loan approved easy with our free assessment process.

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Home Loans Bad Credit Construction :

Home loans Bad Credit

For home loans bad credit we offer full doc and low doc construction loans through banks and private lenders. Full doc construction loan is available up to 95% LVR through banks and non bank lenders. Depending on degree of credit impairments we help clients to select the most viable option for construction home loans with bad credit history. If you have critical credit impairment issues or multiple defaults situation, we strongly recommend to contact us for professional advice for home loans bad credit. Low doc construction loan is offered by very limited lenders in mortgage industry. As a result finding the best deal can become time consuming for client. We offer low doc construction loans only with accountant letter through private lending solution. For bank loan or private loans maximum LVR is 80% of the completion value of the property for low doc constructions. client need to come up with minimum of 20% deposit to apply for construction loan low doc basis. If you do not have your your financial up to date and you are seeking for low doc home loans option, we prefer please discuss with us your actual situation that we can help you to get higher LVR loan for construction.

Sometimes when you have land you won outright and looking for construction loan to finish the construction, your construction proposal involve some development costs we can get you tailored solutions to meet your loan requirements in out of ordinary situation.

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Home Loans Bad Credit Investment :

Home Loans Bad Credit investment

Home loans bad credit available for various kind of credit impairment issues both for full doc and low doc clients. We have helped clients to invest in property using only accountant declared income to get their loan approved. Having a bad credit can restrict your investment decision for several reasons. As a result we offer a free assessment to help you make your investment decision. When you plan to invest in property having bad credit history or using low doc home loans options you need to consider following issues to make your investment profitable in future:

1. Do you have enough saved deposit or equity on your existing property to do a purchase at present ?

2.Do you have enough data to analyze trend of the property market to find how the equity of your investment will grow over the period. What are the risks associate with the market to give you an idea to believe at the end of certain period you will be able to sell the property and make profit.

3. Bad credit history can cost you extra on interest rate or increase your initial outlay for finance. Do you have complete information and estimation to work out how your investment will become profitable considering your actual financial facts and figures.

4. Low doc home loan can involve a huge amount of initial outlay if you do not have enough deposit and your loan is over 60%-70% value of your property. Have you considered all available options to get the best deal available for you.

5. Will your rent cover your mortgage repayment or most of it ? do you have enough surplus income to pay monthly commitments for your loan ?

6. What type of payment option is suitable for you considering your present income and expense situation to have the best benefit out of your investment.

The finance group have been assisting clients for a long to achieve their investment goal using best low doc home loans options. We have also helped client with bad credit history to make their investment decision sooner.

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