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The finance group parramatta arrange personal loans in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all over Australia. As Personal loan brokers we are the most reliable option to get personal loans for any worthwhile purpose. We are in the industry for a long as Personal loan brokers and resolved problems for thousands of our clients. We give our clients access to all potential lenders and banks to get the best possible deal for them. Clients can get qualified before they apply for a personal loan through our free assessment process. 14 panel lenders, best possible rate, flexible features, any worth while purpose, instant approval, quick settlement are our major commitments to our clients.

Call Personal loan brokers on 1800 88 LOAN (5626) or apply online for free assessment for your personal loans Sydney (and all over Australia)

Personal loans Sydney is a pre-assessment process for clients in different states of Australia to know their eligibility to obtain a personal loan. We accept bad credit case by case basis for personal loans. Over past years many clients took advantage of our pre-assessment process other than shopping for personal loans and getting their loan declined from everywhere. Every time you apply for a personal loan it creates a record on your file. If you have more than 3-4 inquiries in past 12 months that means you have a very low credit score. Your credit score for personal loans also depends on other variables that we can assess with our expertise and guide you to obtain your personal loan from the right lender.

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Receive $600 in 60 minutes

You qualify for a Cash Doctors cash advance if:
You're employed full or part time (receiving holiday and sick pay).
You've been employed for at least 3 months.
You earn a minimum of $350 per week net (after tax)

Unsecured Personal loan / Business Loan

AMOUNT FROM $100-$50,000

1. Stable employment.
2. Stable Address.
3. No Multiple Application last 3-6 Months.
4. Co-Borrower Allowed
5. Clear Credit
1. 2 recent pay slips PAYG.
2. 1 Tax return Self-employed.
3. Driving License

Secured Personal loan / Business Loan


1. Unencumbered Asset.
2. Serviceability.
3. Clear Credit/minor paid default
1. Ownership of Security Item.
2. Two recent Pay slips.
3. Tax return for Self employed.
4. Copy of Driving License.

Personal Loan Sydney Broker

The finance group has a dedicated team of personal loan brokers to assess and process personal loan broker application. The finance group is involved with personal loan brokers since 2006 and helping clients nationwide 24/7. As a personal loan broker the finance group has direct access to 12 different lenders to arrange suitable finance for personal loan broker application. During the past year we have helped clients nationwide and now also introduced a specialized website for personal loans and car loans.

Why you need personal loans Sydney broker:

A personal loan broker can make your personal loan application process easy to get approved. Basically through a personal loan broker your application is going through a pre-assessment process. As a result you are getting qualified through personal loan broker before you apply for loan. A personal loan broker has training and experience about all personal loan products to assist the client about their personal loan. A personal loan broker can easily determine which lender will likely to approve the loan according to lending policy.

Personal loans Sydney broker approval rate:

The finance group personal loan broker team has a long track record in personal loan industry with approval rate of above 90% at present. The personal loan brokers will pre-assess the application and advise the client when is the best time to get the loan approved, or what criterion will have to be fulfilled before submitting the application. In practical a personal loan broker making the whole process risk free for you.

Personal loans Sydney broker credit assessment:

Every time you are applying for a loan to any finance company, it creates a record on your credit file and remain there for at least 5 years. The number of credit inquiries on your credit file usually determine your credit score when you apply for a loan. A personal loan broker can assess your credit file and advise you about your present credit score.

Personal loan broker also assist you about serviceability requirements to meet the lending policy.

Personal loan broker also check other eligibility requirements by a specific lender when they assess and process your application.

Personal loans Sydney broker application process:

Personal loan broker application will follow 3 very simple steps to process your application and settle your loan within requested time frame

Step1 ( personal loans Sydney broker pre-assessment)

After receiving initial information and documents from the client the personal loan broker usually obtain a credit file for you to know your credit score and select the lender for you. Personal loan broker also run through your loan scenario the lender to get indicative offer from the lender.

Step2 ( personal loan Sydney broker formal approval)

After having the indicative offer from the lender personal loan broker will request you to sign the application and submit to the lender for formal approval for the loan. After submission of the application it takes 24 hours to maximum 3 business days to get the approval. Most of the time we arrange the approval on the same day of submission. Personal loan broke will advise you for the time frame depending on the lender.

Step 3 ( personal loans Sydney broker settlement)

Sign up for loan usually involved ID verification at your nearest branch instructed by your personal loan broker. You can sign up same day of approval is some cases.