The finance group is one of the best car loan brokers, offering best car loan rates available on the market at present. As car loan brokers we have range of solutions available to make your car purchase easier and affordable for you. Please check the table for best car loan brokers deals we are offering at present.

Getting professional advise from car loan brokers can save your time and minimize the risk to get your application declined. As car loan brokers we have direct access to the lenders system to per-assess your car loan application and advise a quote for your car loan. Car loan brokers can make the whole process easy for you to save your time and put the application to the right lender to get it approved instantly.

  • We are offering car loan and car finance for consumer and for business use.
  • Car loan brokers deals offering you Secured and unsecured car loan with fixed or variable rate where you can get redraw facility on variable rate.
  • Paid defaults considered for loan where amount of default, date of payment and age of the vehicle will determine the risk grade to define interest rate for the car loan. Please contact car loan brokers to discuss your eligibility.
  • Home owners with paid default get privileges from the car loan brokers to get better rate and easy approval.
  • Serviceability requirements depend on the lender you are eligible with for your car loan. Please contact car loan brokers to discuss your eligibility.
  • Joint application and single application both options available for your car loan to meet serviceability requirements by the lender.
  • Age of the car is an issue to get a car loan where the car loan brokers will advise the client case by case basis to arrange secured personal loan or partly secured and partly unsecured personal loan to complete the purchase of your car.
  • Preliminary assessment for car loan and application for car loan will take 24-48 hours if client can provide requested supporting documents for car loan promptly. Pre-approval or formal approval is possible to arrange within that time frame.
  • Please have a copy of your recent credit file ( VEDA Credit Report) to submit to us with your application that we can do the assessment for your car loan efficiently and give you prompt advise for your car loan.Please contact car loan brokers to discuss the preferred method to obtain your credit file.

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Car Loan Brokers Deals



Car Specifications


Supporting Documents



Minimum value of $10k or not more than 7 years old if value is less than $10k.

Clean Credit product

  • Can be used as secured personal loan.
  • Private sale is allowed
  • Term=3 to 7
  • Monthly maintenance fee of $5.00
  • Application fee of $195
  • Early repayment fee of $250 applies if account closes within 12 months and $100 if closure occurs between 12 and 24
  • Months
  • if refinancing credit card then last 3 months bank statement
  • 3 months transaction account for salary credit.
  • Rates notice if have any properties to prove ownership
  • rental agreement for investment property
  • 2 most recent payslips if have been in their job more than 12 months and if not using any extraordinary income
  • if less than 12 months in current job then usually ask for group certificate
  • list of all assets including motor vehicles, property, savings, superannuation, life insurance, home contents value and all liabilities.



Maximum 9 years at end of term ( may be flexible)

  • 1 Paid default considered
  • Balloon payment available up to 40%
  • Term=5 years
  • $10,000 - $150,000
  • Application-$350, monthly $5.50
  • Up to 25% final balloon
  • Early repayment fee-$750 prorate
  • Declaration of Financial Situation
  • Privacy Consent form
  • 2 x current payslips, group certificate or tax return
  • Copy of original Drivers License
  • Additional documents required for property ownership and loan balance.




Interest adjusted risk grade and age&price of vehicle ( Glasses average trade value for 9 year old vehicle)

  • Default bankruptcy considered
  • Car need to be purchased from registered dealer
  • Term= 5years
  • 2 most recent payslips
  • Copy of driving license
  • 3 months statements for saving account where salary deposited
  • 6 month worth of home loan statements







Unsecured car loan

  • Clear credit only
  • Redraw available on Variable rate.
  • Credit file minimum 2 years old.
  • Good payment history on all loans.
  • Term 1-7 years
  • Application $250
  • Quarterly fee-$30
  • Early termination=$300 on fixed rate.
  • Minimum 2 years employment in similar industry.
  • Minimum income $20k PA
  • One recent payslip with YTD income or
  • Two recent payslips. (not older than 5 weeks) or
  • Recent year Group certificate supported by employer's letter.
  • For Self-employed recent year individual and business tax returns.
  • 6 months rental for rental income.
  • 3 months statement for account to show salary deposit.

Car Loan Brokers ( Bad credit deals)

Clients looking for bad credit car loan or credit impaired car loan we usually advise them to repair their credit impairment issues to get a better rate and better probability of loan approval. As a car loan brokers we have the liability to ensure best car loan deal for our clients. We help client to remove their credit defaults from their credit file to advise better loan products other than applying for bad credit car loan. Please contact car loan brokers to discuss your eligibility.

For bad credit car loan or credit impaired car loan application the assessment criterion is different. The car loan brokers will make the whole process viable for you. Depending on the suitable lender who will approve your bad credit car loan, the supporting documents requirements are different. As described on the above table for car loan brokers deals for credit impaired applicants client will have to demonstrate policy requirements for bad credit car loan.

We prefer to have recent copy of VEDA credit report for assessment of your bad credit car loan application. Basically the level of credit impairment should be clearly identified before we process the bad credit car loan applications. Please contact car loan brokers to discuss your eligibility.

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Car Loan Brokers Application process

As we have described at the beginning car loan brokers application process will confirm all facts and figures has been assessed properly before submitting the application. As a car loan brokers we run the car loan scenario directly to the lender or use the lenders loannet system to check eligibility and generate quote for car loan brokers deals.

Car loan brokers application process will involve 3 basic steps to settle the car loan and complete the purchase.

Step1 ( get Quote from car loan brokers)

Collecting initial information, obtain credit report and assess supporting documents to advise car loan brokers quote.

Step2 ( receive Approval from car loan brokers)

Prepare application, arrange signature, reconcile supporting documents before submit application to obtain formal approval or condition approval as required by the client

Step3 ( get instruction from car loan brokers for settlement)

Provide settlement advise and assist the client to sign up for the loan contract.

The job of the car loan brokers is make the whole process hassle free fro the client.

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Car Loan Brokers Track Record

The Finance Group Parramatta has arranged car loan for people all around Australia in past years as car loan brokers. Car loan brokers offering free assessment for our new and existing clients 24/7. For standard of car loan brokers service we have acquired trust with numerous clients. Car loan brokers deals are most attractive deals available on the market. No matter what is your financial situation is car loan brokers will assist you to find best possible option.

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