Low Doc Personal Loans

Low doc personal loans are a personal loan option for self-employed applicants who do not have their financial for their business up to date. We can assess their personal loans low doc basis depending on other requirements for low doc personal loans.

Self-employed applicants who are operating their business for minimum of 2 years and have a clean credit history and property ownership, are eligible to get a personal loan only against an accountant letter means a low doc personal loan. If they intend to get a car loan or secured loan against their car not older than 3 years we can arrange the loan low doc basis.

  • We will not need any financial or trading account statements to proof your income under low doc personal loans offer.
  • We have both secured and unsecured loan options under Low Doc personal loans offer.
  • Low doc personal loans giving you access to Maximum unsecured loan is $14,000 and combination of secured and unsecured loans also available for unlimited amount of loan.
  • You can use your motor vehicles or property as a security for low doc personal loans. For loan amount greater than $30,000 interest rate is as low as 14% PA.
  • Low doc personal loans against property can exceed 80% LVR.
  • You can arrange deposit for your home loan using low doc personal loans option.

Cost of Low doc personal loans

  • For unsecured low doc personal loans or loans secured by motor vehicles, total cost for finance will vary from $3000.

  • For low doc personal loans secured by property, you can get loan exceeding 80% LVR and the total cost for loan will vary from $5000.

Low doc personal loans purpose and benefits

  • Low doc personal loans can be used to arrange working capital for your business.
  • If you need deposit to buy property, low doc personal loans can be an option for you to arrange extra funds.
  • Business owners who does not have their financial up to date or not enough recognized income to service a new loan for personal or business use, low doc personal loans can resolve the issue for any worth while purpose.
  • Self-employed people with property ownership can get access to their equity having a fist mortgage using this low doc personal loans option. Basically low doc personal loans interest rate is comparatively cheaper than second mortgages in most cases.
  • Low doc personal loans can be an alternative of home loan refinance when your need is small refinance will increase your cost and total amount of repayments.

Low Doc Personal Loans track record

Eligible business owners who are looking for a business loan low doc personal loans can resolve their problem. During past years we have resolved cash flow problem for many business owners using low doc personal loans option. We have happy customers all over Australia who took the benefits of low doc personal loans. Sometimes business has unencumbered vehicles or like to buy a new one for business where low doc personal loan can give them access to fund with a very competitive interest rate. Where the business owner wold like to release equity from their property with minimum cost and time frame low doc personal loans can be a viable option for them. From our experience low doc personal loans can resolve problem for individual and business need.