Short Term Loans - Caveat Loans , Solicitor Loans , 2nd Mortgage , Bridging loans, Assett Lend

The Finance Group Parramatta can arrange short term caveat loans , first mortgage or second mortgages (either Registered mortgage or unregistered mortgage at the lenders discretion) using private funds and our panel of specialist non conforming lenders.
The Global Financial Crisis and the consequential tightening of lenders credit policies has created an increased need for short term non standard lending for commercial or investment purposes.
Living up to our motto of providing " Complete Solutions in Finance ",The Finance Group Parramatta has a network of direct funders who have a long history and track record of expedient short term loan approvals and settlements of short term loans for situations where a credible exit strategy has been documented. These loans are often referred to as Bridging loans or Solicitor loans.
A Short term loan solution can be tentatively approved within 24 Hours of receiving a completed online application, subject to a complete and accurate representation of the scenario being documented and of acceptable risk to the funders.
Following the review of the scenario, we arrange an indicative letter of offer from the lender, detailing the proposed loan structure , loan amount , costs , term , security required etc.

Overview of Products our Private Lenders offer

Short Term Loan duration : 1 to 24 Months
Short Term Loan amounts from as little as $20,000 up to $5,000,000 plus
Monthly Interest rates are competitive and vary on a case by case basis for Short Term Loans, depending on the method secured and other relevant factors.
Interest paid in Advance or arrears (as indicated in offer documents or loan aggreements)
Acceptable Security includes, Commercial and or residential property and asset backed companies will be considered.
Loan to Value Ratio's of up to 75% are considered for Short Term loans, depending on type and location of property
Valuations of security are arranged by the lender at the clients cost and are required in most cases where LVR is over 60%, however market appraisals are also often used.
Assessment includes Property valuations, current insurances and current loan statements are required for all debts
Settlement Once security / support documents have been signed, received and lodged, cleared funds will be advanced same day via EFT in most cases. Generally 24 - 72 Hours from receipt of an acceptable valuation, provided there are no delays from the Borrower.
Insurances must be up to date and certificates to the satisfaction of the lender provided.
Brokerage Any proposed brokerage charges are to be included in the application notes
Assessment fee, valuations costs are payable upfront at time of application (Valuations are charged at cost).
We welcome finance brokers and other professionals to help your clients by referring them to us for all of their Short Term Caveat Loan or Short Term Second Mortage Requirements.

If time is of the Essence, don't delay. Make your online enquiry for Short term loans now and Call our Lending specialist Jason on 0407900113 (24 Hours / 7 days).