First Mortgage

First Mortgage Rates From 6.5% PA

First mortgage in Australia is popular as a short term lending option for consumer and business owners with bad credit or clean credit history. We offer both short term and long term first mortgage options in Australia for clients with various profile and financial situation. The finance group have achieved 99% approval rate for any type of mortgages in our past 7 years history. We have vast range of lending solutions for the property owners using full doc, low doc or no doc 1st mortgage. We offer up to 80%-90% loan against first mortgage over residential security with accountant declared income. For commercial security loan to value ratio will be determined case by case basis (60%-75%+) for first mortgage. For higher LVR loan location and quality of the security will be assessed case by case basis. Client can pay off mortgage arrears, defaults, tax debts, consumer and business debts, bankruptcy using 1st mortgage. Business can buy equipments or manage cash flow using first mortgage loans. It is cheaper some time to use short term loans to resolve cash flow problem of the business or to buy new or old equipments for the business. We can even help client to pay off business debts using residential property as security with a very competitive rate.

We give our client access to 34 banks and numerous private lenders and funds with special offers for first mortgage. We believe our experience is our asset and confidence for the client. Client choose to select us because of our potential lending panel where everyone gets a viable solution for their loan requirements for 1st mortgage.

Please contact our senior mortgage adviser Jason Baker on 0407 900 113 any time to discuss your loan requirements and get a resolution on the first call.

We strongly recommend please submit an online inquiry for better understanding of your loan requirements and faster assessment of your first mortgage loan application.

  • Client has a property own outright
  • Client has a property with a small debt
  • Client has poor payment history on existing first mortgage but required to refinance the property
  • Client has unlimited amount of defaults or bankruptcy issue
  • Client has no proof of income
  • Client buying a business equipments that does not met lending policy
  • Client need cash for any wort while business or consuming purpose
  • Client need debt consolidation including business debts.
  • Client need construction or development finance.

Above scenarios give us space to think about how 1st mortgage can benefits the client with critical financial situations. We can arrange your first mortgage as you intend. For a quick obligation free assessment submit an online inquiry for First mortgage Australia.

The Finance group has achieved 99% approval rate for any type of mortgages because

  • We have access to all banks, popular lenders also private lenders who deal through brokers only.
  • We educate clients about lending policy to safeguard the approval.
  • We have established relation with our lender through numerous settled deals.
  • We prepare the application and credit proposal with full responsibility to minimize all possible risks.
  • We obtain property valuation report upfront at our cost

First Mortgage Loan Offers:

Interest rates are subject to changed by the lender and may vary for degree of credit impairment for first mortgage loans. Please contact us to get a tailored quote for your first mortgage loans.



Risk FEE


rate from




Metro Residential

2.19% of loan amount

<=$1000 ignored



6 months ABN, Accountant letter. 3 months trading statements. Business purpose OK


All Category Residential


Case by case



2 Years ABN, Accountant letter,$10k cash out, purchase, debt consolidation.


All Category Residential

From 1.25% Of loan amount

Increase rate per defaults



1 Year ABN, Accountant letter, Business purpose OK, Metro Vacant Land.


Residential commercial


Unlimited, Current Bankruptcy



Reasonable proof of income and Exit strategy. Business purpose OK


Cat 1&2

2% of loan amount

Default, Bankruptcy



12 Months ABN, Accountant letter. Business purpose OK


Cat 1&2


Default OK



1Y ABN, Accountant Letter, Refinance, Construction, Development.




Defaults Ok



1Y ABN, Accountant Letter, Refinance, Construction, Development.

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Applicaiton process: (First Mortgage)

A short term or long term first mortgage loan application can be settled within 1-2 weeks time depending on promptness of all parties. For long term 1st mortgage we allow 2-3 weeks to settle the loan. For first mortgage against commercial property we usually allow some extra time because of valuation process some time takes longer than usual. The following application process is indicating usual time frame for application and settlement. Client who need to have loan settled in 1 week of less might charged higher interest rate for their loan.

We have 3 step application process to offer you first mortgage loans.

Step 1: Initial interview or email conversation to commence fact find process and request all supporting documents for the loan. We contact lender and discuss with the loan proposal to have initial advice about approval of the loan if there is any critical issues. Make the client aware about initial indication for a successful 1st mortgage loan application. Client receives a written credit quote with loan proposal to make educated decision how they like to proceed.

Step 2: Complete full assessment for 1st mortgage, sign up client with credit contract and provide all paper works they need to sign. After receiving signed credit quote and loan application we submit the application without any delay to have the loan approved in requested time frame. Above assessment process can be done in very short time frame (24-48 hours) if client is committed to provide all documents and proceed with application.

Step 3: Submit application to the lender and keep contact with all parties to secure the approval and settlement of the first mortgage loans.

At every stage of the above process we keep contact with all parties via email, text, phone and provide verbal and written update about the progress.

Submit an online inquiry to get a quote for first mortgage loans.

Because of our simplified online base application process client always get flexible options to participate on 1st mortgage application. We always expect have a minimum commitments from the client when they involve our time to offer service to them. Our dedicated team involve potential time to contact lending sources to arrange best possible first mortgage loan offer for the client at our cost.

In some cases we request clients to pay us some amount of commitment fess before we process the formal paper works for the lender after issuing indicative offer for first mortgage. The commitment fee for application depends on negotiation in-between our company and client depending on their financial situation.

Accpetable Security: ( First Mortgage)

For residential or commercial first mortgage we accept varieties types of securities at different LVR and loan amount. Properties in metropolitan location usually considered for higher LVR first mortgage loans. Certain kinds of commercial securities like warehouse, retail, office, car yard, manufacturing units, rural farm land are most commonly used as security for the loan. We accept any kind of security with legitimate transaction case by case basis.

We accept residential securities from category 1 - Category 3 for first mortgage loans. LVR varies depending on post code location of the property and population of the area. We also do 1st mortgage against vacant land or construction loan and development loans. We strongly recommend to contact us with your property details to check the eligibility and maximum LVR for your loan.

For first mortgage against commercial security, we offer tailored solutions case by case basis. We accept vast range of security at different LVR loan. We also do development and construction loan up to 80% LVR.

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Acceptable Purpose: ( First Mortgage)

Any worth while purpose is allowed for first mortgage loans except gambling, illegal activities or unsolicited transactions. We accept both consuming and business purpose for first mortgage loans. Client can pay off mortgage arrears, defaults, tax debts, consumer and business debts, bankruptcy using first mortgage. Business can buy equipments or manage cash flow using first mortgage. Sometime it is cheaper to use first mortgage loans other than using equipment finance when business like to purchase non standard equipments, or business is registered for less than 2 years. Before sale renovations, home improvements, start up a new business, manage funds for holiday or other consuming purpose are also common purpose for the loan. When clients have an acceptable exit strategy and they afford to pay off the loan in short period of time, we usually offer them short term loans. In this way client can save money on interest. Sometime we use short term loan as a temporary solution for the client to make them eligible to obtain a long term at the end of short term loan.

During past years we have resolved critical financial problems of many of our clients using first mortgage options. Unexpected financial events can create blemish on credit file or put client in a struggling situation to catch up their monthly commitments. In this type of situation first mortgage can help client to restructure their financial situation and fresh start their business. Using first mortgage option client can recover from fore closer notice, get a better deal from new lender refinancing the existing loan. When cash out is the main requirements of the client we usually help the client to select right loan structure to manage their monthly commitments as well as pay off the loan on time.

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Acceptable credit history: ( First Mortgage)

We accept any kind of credit impaired issue with reasonable exit strategy for first mortgage. Interest rate may vary for degree of credit impairment and term of the loan. Home loan arrears, commercial or consumer defaults, tax debts, busy credit file, recently declined applications from other lenders every situation considered case by case basis for first mortgage loans. We strongly recommend the client to contact us with their credit impairment issues with financial information to check their eligibility and get an obligation free quote for their loan.

Some credit impairment issues are ignorable by the lender for 1st mortgage application depending on the strength of application. As a result to have a successful and approved first mortgage application clients need to approach right lender with suggested manner according to their lending policy. We select the appropriate lender who will accept your credit impairment issues and also run through the loan scenario upfront to minimize confusions. We have achieved higher rate of approval basically for this reason. Client also can rely on us because they are getting informed about all risk factors before we submit the application to the lender.

Depending on degree on credit impairment we offer best and viable first mortgage solutions for the client. We also help client to repair their credit when it is necessary to have their 1st mortgage application approved. Clients credit history is always critical for first mortgage application because it always cost the client extra for countable credit impairment issue. We can minimize the cost negotiating with the lender and also minimize all possible risks to get your loan approved.

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Documentation: ( First Mortgage)

Most of our first mortgage offers require only accountant letter to support their declared income. Consumer first mortgage loans need to be serviceability demonstrated so client will have to provide acceptable proof of income to service all existing commitments and new loan if they are not selling the property or have other proven exit strategy. For non coded business purpose 1st mortgage we offer full doc, low doc and no doc loans for eligible clients. Clients with limited proof of income and limited documents for their business can get tailored solutions from us. When can provide full financial of the business we usually assess the financial first to confirm lending requirements. We advice the client accordingly which documents will be viable to obtain the finance without any risk of approval.

We help client to arrange viable loan documentation to meet lending policy of the lender. As usual client need to provide proof of property ownership, 100 point certified ID, business registration details, any form of proof of income for first mortgage application. We always obtain recent copy of credit fie for all borrowers and company during the assessment process of the 1st mortgage application. We also arrange property valuation report upfront to estimate the value of the property. We also prepare a complete broker loan proposal for all application to make the approval process easy for first mortgage loan application.

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Our Track Reord: ( First Mortgage)

The finance group has access to 34 different lenders, 10 private lenders and numerous mortgage funds to offer best first mortgage deals for the client. From our industry experience we have resolved critical problems of our clients using first mortgage loans. We offer first mortgage for both consuming and business purposes. Unlimited amount of defaults or even part 9 debs can be paid off using first mortgage loans. Self-employed applicants can get easy access to their equity using first mortgage lons and use the fund for any worth while purpose. We offer range of interest rate for first mortgage for clean credit and bad credit applicants. As a result clients are taking the advantage of our wide range of choices. Over past years we helped client to do construction, pay off bankruptcy. We also helped self-employed clients to pay off tax debts and business debts. Some of them bought business equipments as because the they were not eligible to get a equipment loan to buy equipments or we have offered them more cost saving options to save money on interest. Some time short time lending solutions are most viable for the client. We have done numerous short term loans from 3-12 months term to resolve short term business need of client.

Starting up a new business, working capital for business, buy asset or property, buying equipments for business, paying off tax debts this are the common problems we have resolved for our clients using first mortgage loans. Clients also become default and debt free using first mortgage loans.

Our quick and efficient service can make the whole first mortgage process stress free for you. The finance group believe in the philosophy to create long term relation with the client. As a result at every stage of first mortgage application process we ensure all parties have relevant contacts to speed up the process.

Apply online or submit online query to get indicative first mortgage Loan offers. Contact us to discuss your financial situation any time.