Equipment finance Broker

As equipment finance broker we have 6 years success history with 99% approval for equipment finance, truck finance and personal leasing. We accept bad credit with full doc, low doc and no doc equipment finance options for business who are registered for minimum of 24 months. We accept new or used equipments also can arrange finance against your existing equipments. No deposit equipment finance available under full doc, low doc or no doc options. As equipment finance broker we are one stop service to find viable equipment finance solution no matter what is your situation. Please find best equipment finance broker deals on this page with details.

We understand that sometimes businesses have scarce cash flow to fund new equipment or vehicles, hence why Equipment finance Broker products are usually an ideal solution. Let's face it , successful business people know that cash is king, so why tie up your cash on large capital purchases when you can use other peoples money and lease it, leasing enables you to spread the cost evenly over a period of years.Allowing the precious cash flow to be used in other areas of your business where you know you can make a higher return on investment. Please find best equipment finance deals on this page.

Equipment finance Broker will also endeavor to secure your equipment &truck purchase at the most competitive available rate, to minimize the lease repayments. Equipment finance Broker will aim to make the whole leasing process as easy as possible for you. So easy in fact that we don't even need to see your financials for some of our products.Saving you time and protecting your privacy.

The Finance Group has a team of Equipment finance Broker to assess and process the leasing applications. We have direct access to top 7 lenders to provide a range of equipment finance & truck finance products to ABN holders Australia wide to suit a variety of purposes for Individual and Business for best INTEREST RATE at present market given your particular credit category. Equipment finance Broker can also arrange personal leasing for personal vehicles or novated leasing for company vehicles.

Why Need Equipment Finance Broker

Equipment finance Broker have access to best equipment finance & truck finance products lenders and private lenders for equipment finance & truck finance to meet your need.

  • Equipment finance Broker Offering No Doc, Lo Doc and Full Doc equipment finance & truck finance as well as Considering Business and Individual with Credit Default and Credit Impairment.
  • We also arrange equipment finance & truck finance against your existing equipments to arrange extra cash for your business. cash can be used for consolidation or cover up business expense time to time.
  • Equipment finance Broker has access to lenders loan assessment system to pre-assess your application and eligibility and give you an instant quote for your loan.
  • You can get step by step instructions from the Equipment finance Broker from assessment, application and settlement to make the whole process hassle free for you.
  • Equipment finance Broker offering above 90% approval rate for you loan
  • Leasing the Purchased item can secure the whole amount of Loan it-self. You can choose an agreed Residual Value (Balloon) to pay it off at the end of Leasing period to minimize monthly lease repayments. Please discuss with Equipment finance Broker for you loan requirements

What Equipment finance Broker will finance for you:

  1. Plant and Equipment Finance
  2. Yellow Goods Finance
  3. Truck Finance
  4. Car Finance
  5. Medical Equipment Finance
  6. Car Finance


Equipment finance Broker Deals

Product & Rate

Typical Terms


From 10% PA

Clean credit

Small loan with accountant letter

2 years ABN and property ownership.

$1,000-$50,000 new or used equipment or even existing equipment.

Any equipment for business use private or dealer purchase subject to valuation.

Loan >$25k financial required

Accountant letter to confirm serviceability.

From 5.58%

2 years ABN, Clean Credit, maximum 5 years old equipments. Rate load for equipments older than 5 years, Rate load for defaults.

2 years Full Financial.

From 7.85% PA

Minor paid default

No financial

2 years ABN and property ownership ( min $100k equity)

30% deposit for no property ownership.

9 years maximum equipment age at the end of loan term.

Maximum $100K Loan

Refinance min 18 month old loan or paid in past 6 month.

6 month home loan statements.

6 month trading and 3 months personal account statement.

19% PA

Default consider

Low doc

2 years ABN and property ownership

Any age equipment subject to valuation.

Existing equipment considered.

4 month trading account

1 month personal account

6 month home loan

From 14% PA

Default consider Full Doc

2 years ABN, property ownership not mandatory.

Any age equipment subject to valuation.

Existing equipment considered.

2 years full financial

Equipment finance Broker Lending options

  1. Finance Lease
  2. Operating Lease
  3. Chattel Mortgage (CM)
  4. Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  5. Lease Back or Rent Back
  6. Novated Lease
  7. 1st or Second Mortgages
  8. Medical Equipments Finance

Please contact your Equipment finance Broker to get assistance about selecting the suitable lending option for you.

Bad Credit Equipment Finance & Truck Finance:

We have specialized advisory for bad credit Equipment Finance & Truck Finance or credit impaired Equipment Finance & Truck Finance options. Depending on the level of credit impairment Equipment finance Broker will assist you to find best lending options for you and provide you an instant quote for your loan.

Equipment finance Broker will consider basically paid defaults and ex-bankruptcy issues for leasing application.

If you have any Equipment Finance & Truck Finance products questions or a scenario you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us today.

Applicaiton process: (Equipment Finance Broker)

We are offering 3 simple steps for equipment finance, truck finance application. Equipment finance brokers are experienced to make the whole process easy for you on following three steps.

1 Credit Summary & Quote: (Equipment finance broker Application)

After receiving financial information and documents from the client we prepare the credit summary and quote for the client within 24 hours.

2 Formal Approval: (Equipment finance broker Application)

After getting our quote signed by the client we submit the application to the lender on the same day for formal approval, if there is no pending issues. Formal approval depend on which lender we are submitting the application to. From our experience we allow approximate 3-5 working days to get formal approval from the lender.

3 Signing up Contract: (Equipment finance broker Application)

Signing up the loan contract involve some documentation from seller, purchaser with signed loan contract from the client. Settlement for the loan basically depend on the client how prompt they can arrange sign up documents. Lender usually settle the loan on the same day or 48 hours if there is no pending issue.

Apply online or submit online query to get indicative offer for equipment finance. Contact us to discuss your financial situation any time.

Equipment Finance Broker Track Record

As equipment finance broker we have a long and reliable track record in the industry. We have arranged finance for many companies and individuals in past 6 years. As a result equipment finance broker will give the confidence to get your loan application approved without any hassle. We arrange finance for industries like road transport, mining, construction, medical, agriculture, manufacturing, publishing and so on. Our track record as best equipment finance broker we have acquired trust from our numerous clients all over the country.