Home mortgage refinancing

Home mortgage refinancing is an option where client can re-assign the loan term up to 30 years with a better interest rate and loan structure. Home mortgage refinancing can minimize your monthly commitments and free up cash for personal and business use if you can select the right product for you. Using home mortgage refinancing options you can get access to equity or consolidate your business debts, private loans,bad credit debts, part 9, tax debts. We offer home mortgage refinancing through bank and no bank lenders full doc, low doc and no doc basis. We have up to 95% LVR full doc home mortgage refinancing offers through bank home loans. If your business is registered for not less than 6 months we can offer you up to 90% LVR Low doc home mortgage refinancing. Up to 85% no doc home mortgage refinancing available if your business is registered for not less than 12 months. Bank loans up to 80% low doc available for eligible clients. We accept any degree of credit impairments case by case basis. Please submit an inquiry to commence free assessment for home mortgage refinancing. We believe client should always manage their mortgage and other debts more efficiently to avoid unexpected financial situations. When there is an option to minimize monthly commitments with a better loan options, we always suggest the client to minimize the risk of falling into defaults on their existing debts or mortgages. We help the client to recover from risky financial situations before it is too late.

The finance group have achieved 99% approval rates for any type of mortgages in past 7 years record because:

  1. We do a complete pre-assesment of the loan application to find best possible options for the client.
  2. We obtain all related veda reports and property reports upfront to safe guard the approval of the loan.
  3. We have access to all popular lenders in mortgage industry including 10 private lenders to assist the client with their loan requirements.
  4. We have created strong relation with our lenders through approval of our loans in pas years.
Home mortgage refinancing can be a very easy process to obtain if you have clear idea about lending policy and if you are aware what you are eligible for. Shopping for loan can create adverse record on your credit history and restrict you to obtain finance in future. We strongly recommend to have a professional advice if you are looking for home mortgage refinancing.


Indicative offers for home mortgage refinancing :

All home mortgage refinancing rates quoted bellow are subject to changed by lender. To find the appropriate quote for your home mortgage refinancing please submit an inquiry to commence a free assessment process. All costs quoted are estimation only.

Interest rate

Bank loans Full doc: 3 years fixed rate from 4.83% up to 80% loan
variable rate is from 5.09% with up to 1.1% discount for life of loan.
Bank loan Low doc: 3 years fixed rate from 4.99%
variable rate from 5.19%
Non bank loan : starts from 6.5% and change depending on full doc and low doc loan, rate increase for higher LVR and degree of credit impairment.
Please submit an inquiry to know current rate for home loan refinancing.


Standard Residential properties in any populous areas. Depending on lenders postcode guide different lender categories property locations in different way and allocate maximum LVR for the location.
Vacant land is acceptable for eligible borrowers only, depending on location of the property.
Please submit an inquiry to know maximum LVR available for your property location

Full Doc/Low Doc/ Acc-Letter

  • Full doc- 95% LVR subject to LMI over 80% loans
  • Low doc-90% LVR subject to risk fee. ABN 6 months minimum.
  • Low doc-80% LVR Subject to LMI over 60%-70% Bank Loan ABN 12-24 months.
  • No doc- 85% LVR subject to risk fee 12 months ABN accountant letter.

Maximum Loan amount

  • Loan involve LMI low doc or full doc- $1mil
  • unlimited where no LMi involve.
  • Loan involve risk fee low doc- $1.5 mil <=75% LVR $1mil 90% LVR.
  • Lona involve risk fee no doc- $1.5 mil <=75% LVR $1mil 85% LVR.
  • Maximum loan per applicant $2.5 mil where bank loan can be

Minimum Loan amount

$50,000- $100,000 depending on lender.

Credit history

  • Up to $1000 paid default can be ignored for eligible bank loans.
  • 1 day bankruptcy considered with LVR restrictions.
  • Paid defaults up to $750-$1000 ignored for non bank loans
  • Defaults listed >2 years not counted for rate load
  • Mortgage arrears count if not paid in 30 days.
  • Past 12 months credit inquires need to be explained.
  • All defaults and arrears need to be with acceptable explanation.

Depending on above lender assign impairment level and offer interest rate and maximum loan available.

Please submit an inquiry to commence free assessment for your home mortgage refinancing application.

Loan Term

2-30 years

Repayment options

P&I or IO up to 10 years

Lenders Application fee

For bank loan fee can be up to $600 or more.
For non bank loans application fees is included on the risk fee


  • Full doc over 80% bank loans
  • Low doc over 60%-70% bank loans
  • No non bank loans involve LMI

To read more about typical LMI policy for Low doc home Loans click here.

Click here to read more about bank loans for home loans bad credit.

Risk Fee

1%-2.1% or the loan amount depending on lender, LVR and degree of credit impairment.

Our Brokerage

Negotiable depending on amount of loan, amount of work and complex nature of loan requirements.

Other costs

  • For bank loans we account up to $3000 other cost that vary sometimes.
  • Other costsfornon bank loans are quoted to client at cost by the lender. Legal cost, mortgage registration, documentation fees, title insurance, settlement fees altogether allow up to $3000-$4000 depending on the lender and current government rates.
  • Most of above we disclose on our credit quote after selecting the lender.
  • Some of the above are not ascertainable until the settlement agent quote for the costs.

Proof of Income

Full doc loans 2 years full financials with tax returns are mandatory. Notice of assessment is not required for some lenders.
Low doc bank loans 12 consecutive months BAS's is mandatory, recent 6 months trading statements may be required.
Low doc non bank loans 3-6 months trading account statement is mandatory.
No doc debt consolidation home loans only accountant declaration and borrower's repayment declaration required.

Other supporting documents

Mandatory for all applicants:

  1. 100 point ID is mandatory for all applicants and guarantors for the loan.
  2. Asset and liability for need to be signed by all applicants.
  3. Most up to date council rates need to be provided for all properties.


  1. Most recent 6 months mortgage statements for all mortgages being refinanced.
  2. Most recent statements for other mortgages.

Debt consolidation:
If any other loans are consolidating client need to provide up to 6 months statement for secured or unsecured debts depending on the lender.
Lender may ask for extra documents during the assessment process depending on the strength of the application.
Please submit an inquiry to commence free assessment for your home mortgage refinancing application.


Lenders operate independent valuation of the offered secuirty. Bank loans usually offer first valuation for free. For non bank loans valuation is done at cost quoted to the client.
Upfront valuation is also available at client cost.

More About Home mortgage refinancing:

Home loans mortgage refinancing is possible for full doc and low doc applicants up to different LVR depending on wide range of considerable issues. We offer home mortgage refinancing for both clean credit and bad credit applicants. When you try to refinance your property with bad credit history the approval process is always harder. If you have mortgage arrears the process may become impossible if you can not provide acceptable explanations to the lender. When you consider to have your home mortgage refinancing either low doc or full doc basis you need to consider following issues to make an informed decision:

  • Is your existing loan a low doc home loan ? it might restricted your access to some traditional lenders if you want home mortgage refinancing to another low doc loan.
  • Have you considered the cost for LMI that might involve if your loan exceed 60%-70% LVR and you are eligible to obtain a bank loan. In this case when you have a clean credit history and you have 6 months perfect payment history for your mortgage you can consider some private lending solutions as well. If you have any credit impairment issues in most cases private lending will be your only option for home mortgage refinancing. We may offer alternatives case by case basis.
  • Do you have enough information to demonstrate your servicing to the lender according to your new loan requirements complying with lending guidelines ?
  • Is private lending costing you less and are you getting the best interest rate available on the market at this moment ?
  • When you choose a lender for a better interest rate, do you verify enough data to confirm if the rate is stable or it is a temporary offer from the lender to increase their sale. If it is a variable rate loan, the historical interest rate analysis will give you idea who is offering better deal for you.
  • do you have reliable valuation estimations of your property and also all associate lending costs to determine if the loan is suitable for you or not.
  • If cash out or debt consolidation is the main goal for refinance you will have to consider more related issues to work out a strategy to fulfill all your purposes complying to lending guidelines.
We are assessing varieties of clients from all over Australia with various profiles. As a result we can make the process easier for the client with quick and reliable manner.

To read more about low doc home mortgage refinancing options click here.To find the appropriate quote for your home mortgage refinancing please submit an inquiry to commence a free assessment process.

Home mortgage refinancing ( our track records) :

The finance group have been helping clients in different states in Australia for past 7 years to obtain home mortgage refinancing through wide range of lenders. We have numerous clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all other state and Territories of Australia. We have resolved critical and complex financial needs of our client offering them home mortgage refinancing options. Clients are happy with our service because we have access to wide range of lenders for home mortgage refinancing and we give clients all alternative options they have, before they make an educated decision to select home mortgage refinancing options.

From our experience we can advice that home mortgage refinancing can be most suitable solution for some clients according to their present financial situation and loan requirements. As we have access to 10 different private lenders for home mortgage refinancing we always make sure clients get the best possible rate with minimum cost for finance. We also take full responsibility to assess and process the application and minimize all risks to get their home mortgage refinancing application declined. As a result we have achieved 99% approval rate for all types of mortgages.

Some times short term mortgages are suitable solution for some clients other than doing long term home mortgage refinancing. We also have access to numerous private funds to have short term mortgage solutions when it is necessary to become eligible to obtain long term home mortgage refinancing options in future

Whatsoever is your financial situation, whatsoever is your loan requirements we request please submit an inquiry to commence a free assessment process for home mortgage refinancing.