Who Are We

The Finance Group Parramatta is an independently owned, Australian organisation specialising in providing finance solutions for any purpose, in any situation.

The company was set up with the simple philosophy that there should be a simple way to borrow money, effectively.
Rather than you navigating though the everchanging lenders policies, requirements and maze of products, feeling confused as to which lender truly matches your situation the best,  Let us analyse your needs and then provide you with what very few companies provide. That is, "Superior finance Solutions with exceptional Customer Service to match".

Founded by a group of diverse professionals with experience in Finance, Real Estate, Insurance and also seasoned investors themselves, The Finance Group Parramatta takes great pride in truly satisfying the needs of our diverse and growing client base.

It is our job to simplify the whole process and ensure the most appropriate facility is provided to suit your needs without being biased by any commissions we may receive as others often are.

We all need to borrow or invest money at various points in our lives, and at The Finance Group Parramatta, we welcome you as a client for life, so we can provide superior service to you and your family for many years to come.