Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is largely a secured finance option for business and individuals involved in small, medium and corporate industries. Banks offer unsecured business overdrafts and credit cards for business to a certain limit. Commercial finance can be secured by residential or commercial properties, equipments, stock, B2B invoices where lender can secure their interest using registered 1st or 2nd mortgage, caveat, fixed and floating charge over the company. At The Finance Group, we can also assist property developers and other industries to obtain commercial financing to complete current or future projects. If you like to purchase a business we can offer complete package for your business need through bank and non bank lenders. We accept credit impairment issues case by case basis. Short term commercial finance available from 3 months to 3 years where long term finance available up to 30 years term depending on type of security.

We strongly recommend to have a professional advice when you decide to obtain commercial finance. To give us better understanding about your loan requirement please give us a call on 0407 900 113 to speak to our senior mortgage adviser Jason Baker.

For commercial finance Clients choose to select the finance group because:

  • We believe our experience is our asset and confidence for the client.
  • We give our clients access to wide range of lenders to have solutions in any critical or complex financial situations.
  • For commercial finance we assure finance at the best competitive rates just in time for your business.
  • Through our contacts in the industry, The Finance Group will ensure to provide you with the highest level of customer services to make the whole process as easy as it should be.
  • For short term and long term need business can apply most suitable option to tie up the expense, continue the production, consolidate debt to minimize repayment, cash advance on account receivables.
  • We consider Bad credit history, Defaults, Credit Impairment and look beyond the cash flow of the business.

Commercial Finance ( Lenders) :

Depending on clients present financial situation we can arrange commercial finance through all banks, private lenders. We offer various type of commercial facilities through bank, non bank lenders and numerous private funds. Our clients in all Australian states and territories are happy with our service because we have access to wide range of lenders, and can offer solutions for clients with critical and complex financial situation.

Commercial Finance ( Documentation) :

Depending on clients commercial finance requirements and actual facts figures of financial needs we tailor the documentation requirements for the client. We assist clients to obtain commercial finance using full doc, low doc and no doc options.

Commercial Finance ( Loan amount and LVR) :

Depending on type and quality of the securities we can offer unlimited amount of commercial finance to certain LVR limit. Commercial finance against real estate does not involve lender mortgage insurance. As a result maximum commercial finance against real estate is 80% of the market value. Free hold or lease hold business purchase limited to certain percentage of the purchase price depending on industry and lender. Client can use equity of other properties to avoid deposit when they plan to purchase business using commercial finance.

Commercial Finance ( Credit history) :

Credit history of borrowing entity, related entities, directors and grantors for a commercial finance is always very important issue to determine which lender and what type of finance will be suitable for the client. During our pre-assessment process we usually obtain all relevant VEDA reports to select best possible commercial finance options for the client with higher probability of approval. We accept credit impairment issues for client with various profiles case by case basis.

Simply contact us today and let us show you how we can help you with your commercial finance needs.